Tempel Group is an international company with more than 40 years of commercial travel. We distribute mass-consumer electrical/electronic devices and product solutions for Energy And Industrial Engineering.

We provide audit services and execute customized projects for Energy, Industrial Engineering And Energy efficiency.

We develop Industrial Energy Solutions

We offer Industrial Communication's and Automation Systems

We distribute high consumption electrical and electronic devices

New Coronavirus Protection Product Line, "RestarTG" COVID-19



Our mission is to offer an additional and unique value to our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. We work using an excellent and a professional working-method that leads us to a be part of a dynamic and competitive global market.


We believe in contribuing to create a sustainable and healthy world. Tempel Group has an environmental awareness aproach: we believe in using Smart Energy, Energy Efficiency and Emart Engineering to improve the Worldwide Global life quality. Therefore, our solutions are designed to achive this goal.



We collaborate with our partners in order to offer the best solutions, our professional skills and knowledge.


We carry out our tasks and projects efficiently, with honesty and transparency.


We are committed in searching for imaginative solutions and technological opportunities to build a better world.


We work to improve people's lives quality through social justice. We believe we have the chance to improve our environment.


We are continuously improving ourselfs. To work with rigor, prudence and efficiency is the base in where our project of excellency is based.



  • We implemented La Nueva Norma ISO 9001 en su versión 2018
    We have implemented the new ISO 9001 standard in its version 2018El 24 and 25 de julio. We have carried out the external audit that we present annually to preserve our quality certification. However, this year we are facing it with some particularities. The first direct relationship with the implementation of the SAP program and the [...]
  • Convención can 2017
    Latam 2017 Convention The past month of July you took place the Latam 2017 Convention in our workshop in Bogotá, in which the directors of all the delegations of Latin America were quoted to analyze in depth the strategic lines of the company. In addition to the main program, these days also offered some parallel activities for [...]
  • We attended the Logistics International Trade Show (SIL) with Getac
    We attended the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) with Getac In the month of June we participated in this fair, the leading logistics and maintenance exhibition in Spain and southern Europe, where we presented the ruggedized Getac equipment that we sell for this sector. The manufacturer decided to attend this event with the participation of Tempel [...]
  • We la visit of Toshiba lighting
    We received a visit from Toshiba Lighting April 2017The marketing managers of Toshiba Lighting have visited our headquarter to present us with the new products that integrate their range of lighting solutions and accessories and share experiences with the sales department. Thanks to this visit, our professionals have been aware of international success cases of the company [...]
  • Celebration of the 40 anniversary of Tempel Group 30 May, 2018
    Tempel Group's 40th anniversaryOur company, Tempel Group, celebrated its 40th anniversary last May 25th. To celebrate, an internal conference was held which culminated with a gala dinner at Xalet Restaurant in Montjuic. The city of Barcelona was the thread for this occasion, as it was the venue [...]
  • Tablets designed to survive 14th November 2017
    Tablets designed to survive Tempel Group is an international company specialized in industrial engineering, consumer electronics and energy efficiency with 40 years of professional experience. Its commercial activity is spread over more than 20 countries and it is present in the 17 most influential industrial and consumer markets today.

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